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Provided Services

Business Setup Morocco (BSM) will help you make the right strategic choice that fits your business needs. We will take you through the 3 major steps:

STEP 1: Feasibility Study:

Our goal is to make sure that you save time and money. Before moving forward with creating a company, we would like to make sure that your business plan has no barriers in Morocco. The first step that we recommend to our clients is a Feasibility study which could give them an insight of a GO or a NO GO in the specific Moroccan Market. For this first step we help our clients with:

-The validation of their business Plan according to the Moroccan requirements

-Products or services adaptation in Morocco.

-Understand your competitors and your competitiveness.

-Understand the market size in both volume and value.

-Understand the legal and trade barriers that could block your business from being successful.

The conclusion from the above KPIs will help you understand if it is worth to invest in Morocco and move to the next step. Contact us today  

STEP 2: Products
and Services Market Research and Study in Morocco:

Since your business plan is a Go in Morocco based on the feasibility study, we will assess your products and services with a full detailed market study that includes:

-Products and Services SWOT Analysis in Morocco

-Price structure for your products and services Vs the competitors in Morocco

-The Go To Market Universe of your products and Services in Morocco

-The consumer segmentation and cultural impact on your Sales and Marketing strategy in Morocco

-Legal norms and requirements for Morocco

-Analyze the possibility of government aids and funding for your products and services in Morocco. Contact us today  

STEP 3: Implementation strategy in Morocco

Based on the feasibility study with the products and services market research in Morocco, we will draft for you the different implementation strategies and how you should offer your products and services in Morocco:

Direct Export and Sales: This option is chosen if your business doesn’t require opening a local office or a branch. You will be able to sell your products and services in Morocco based on the existing channels of agents, brokers, distributors. Our team will help you find the best distributor or a local agent in Morocco.

-Concentrated partnership: This mode of doing business in Morocco will help you take advantage of existing sales and distribution channels and create a solid partnership through franchise model in Morocco or Joint venture model (JV model) in Morocco. We will help you identify the best partner, arrange all B2B meetings in Morocco and help you with all legal support as per Morocco trade law.

-Full implementation: This option is the most demanded for companies looking for a market control and sustainable growth. We will help you create your branch in Morocco or a complete independent entity. From a wide range of companies types in Morocco (SNC, SARL, SARL FZ, SA, Auto-entrepreneur.). The choice of a legal entity type is crucial as it impacts your capability of doing business in Morocco as well your local responsibility towards the taxes office and foreign currency bureau. We will help you choose and create the right entity type for your business model. Contact us today  

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